Relationship Reset

A two month journey to creating a relationship that nourishes you both. 

The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships.

Modern relationships have so much contradictory expectation put on them.  We want everything that we used to get from a village of people but now from just one or a few.  And we spend so much time with the people that we are intimately connected to. 

Spending time tending to the quality of your intimate relationships will in turn increase the quality of your lives. 

Benefits of a Relationship Reset

Develop a common framework for your relationship to grow on. 

Handle relationship conflict with ease and grace by becoming a master negotiator.

Learn to set boundaries and ask for what you really want in relationship. 

Create deeper intimacy and connection within your relationship.

Here's What You'll Get

Initial Session Relationship Reset

Initial Couple Session

We sit down together to gather information on both sides.  We will discuss the evolution of your relationship, what's working, what's not working and what you would like it to be. I will also share what will happen over the course of the next two months and on the day of the reset.   

Individual Sessions Relationship Reset

Individual Sessions

We will then work together one-to-one over 6 sessions each.  This is an opportunity to explore what you are bringing to the relationship, what you need, want and desire from relationship and become the partner you need to be to have that relationship. 

Reset Session Relationship Reset

Full Day Couple Reset

We then come back together for a full day of integration, further exploration of relationship dynamics and a deep dive into the ways you want to be loved in relationship.  

uplevel your relationship

Love is a two way street,
constantly under construction

They Say


As Elissa walks beside me, I feel seen and heard, encouraged and uplifted, and challenged to take responsibility for my own dysfunctional patterns. The journey she takes you on is like coming home to your authentic true nature and essence.  It has been the most profound healing experience I have ever had.

Monica vogt - psychotherapist


What is the investment for a relationship reset?

Valued at well over $5,500 the Relationship Reset is being offered at just $3,250 for 2022.  Spaces are limited to one Relationship Reset at a time.  

The Initial Session is paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable.  If we choose to proceed the remaining amount can be paid in full or by payment plan.  A full agreement will be supplied at the Initial Session. 

Do we need to do the whole program?

Short answer is yes.  Whilst the Relationship Reset itself is only one full day together, it is important to lay the groundwork and foundation individually first.  We all come with baggage, and whilst a loving partner will help you unpack, it's good to know what you are carrying.  Over the 6 individual sessions you will also have the opportunity to start implementing and integrating what you are learning and discovering along the way. 

For couples who are already working with me, or have done a full Relationship Reset in the past, it is supportive to revisit the Full Day Reset every 6 to 12 months as the cycles of love and life revolve.  

what if we decide to end the relationship?

This can happen and is not a sign of failure.  Some relationships are only with us for a season and we have undoubtably grown because of them.  If you choose to end the relationship then this is also a wonderfully supportive way to navigate the transition out of relationship with compassion and integrity.  It is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the things that bought you together, to bring understanding and awareness to what was not working and to lovingly send each off to be available for a new beginning. 

where are the sessions held?

Depending on your location and what works best for you there are a few options available.  

The Initial Session is held in person at an agreed upon location.  

The 6 Individual Sessions can be either in person or online via zoom.  

The Reset Day can either be in person at an agreed upon location or at a AirB'n'B at your expense, to be decided at a later time. 

who can benefit from a relationship reset?

Anyone in a romantic, intimate relationship with another person.  This includes all sexual orientations and relationship styles. 

If you are in a polyamorous dynamic the Relationship Reset can be completed for each relationship between two people.  How you want to be in relationship with one partner will be different to how you want to be in relationship with another.  If you would like to discuss what a Relationship Reset would look like for your specific relationship structure please schedule a Curiosity Call

relationship reset.

Create the Relationship you want!

Everyone you meet comes with baggage.
Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.