Self Ceremony

Welcome to this first incarnation of Self Ceremony.  There are only a very small handful of Self Ceremony gift boxes out in the world as I begin to explore what Self Ceremony is and what forms it will take as it evolves over time.  On this page I have outlined each item in the Self Ceremony box and some inspiration for how you might use it.  Don't let this limit your own possibility though!

Where to  begin? ... Create Your Scared Space

Or spaces!  It's amazing how easy it is to create a sacred space.  All a space needs to make it sacred is a little conscious intention.  It's that simple.  All that is required is for you to choose that you are entering into a Sacred Space.  No matter where you are right now reading these words, be it on your laptop in your office or sitting on public transport, take a moment to choose to create a sense of sacredness as you read through the rest of this page.  Choose to drop down into your heart and expand that energy out as you take a few moments to tune into your - insert the word you connect most with here - soul, spirit, higher self, super conscious, greatness, god/dess within, true nature ... 

To add another dimension and create more focus you can also create an altar.  Creating a space or spaces around your home, and places you visit regularly, helps you to more easily drop into connecting within yourself.  There is no right or wrong way to set up your altar/s.  There is only your way.  I have one altar set up, pictured, that has a lot of different elements added in where I tend to sit when I want to go into deeper and longer processes.  And I have also simply added some beautiful lights to my nest chair where I sit most days with a cup of cacao or tea.  Having a shower or bath can also become a sacred space easily.

Self Ceremony Altar

Some inspiration for setting up yor altar :
Candles or Small Lights
Photos, epsecially of yourself as a young child to connect with your Inner Child
Crystals, Sage or Palo Santo
Fresh Flowers, Essential Oils and Essences
Card Decks, Affirmations, Tarot, Runes
Jewellery, Trinkets and Symbols
Sound Bowls, Gongs
Books, Letters, Cards and Notes
Representations of Elements, Archetypes or Deities
Cushions and Blankets

Record Keeping ... The Notebook

I've never been one to journal.  It's just not something I've ever taken to.  What I have begun to do though is to keep a little note book of things that speak to me, relfect me and inspire me.  What I love about it is that, again, there is no right or wrong way for my note book to be.  All I have to do is add something to it when I am inspired to do so.  It's purpose is to be a record of the journey that I am on.  To mark the path I have travelled and record the milestones along the way.  Having a record of what we have been through helps us to acknowledge and celebrate the growth we have achieved. 

Self Ceremony Notebook

Some inspiration for your own note book :
Your Choices (Alchemy work)
Inspiring Quotes
List of your Values
Outcomes from Processes (like Ideal Life, Ideal Partner)
Formulations and Equations (like Self Acceptance + Self Compassion = Self Love)
Ideas and Thoughts
Photos and Ticket Stubs
Ribbons, Feathers and Flowers
Doodles and Sketches
Book Recommendations
Songs, Playlists and Artists

Shed Your Skin ... Exfoliate

One ritual I have always enjoyed is to exfoliate my whole body.  The are so many reasons to look after your skin not least of all is taking time to really nurture the body your soul resides in. 

I also now add a little more ceremony to the mix by holding the intention of, as I am removing the dead skin from my body, I am also releasing anything that I am holding onto that no longer serves me.  

In your box you will discover a Black Magic Glove, here's how to use it : 

1. Make sure your skin has had time to become supple under the running water of a shower. 
2. Wet and wring out your Black Magic Glove.
3. Step out from under the water, or turn the shower off, and begin to rub your gloved hand back and forth in long sweeping movements along your limbs and torso. 
4. Rinse off and wash your silky, smooth body. 

Self Ceremony Exfoliate

The Black Magic Glove can be used weekly.  It will remove a spray tan so be sure to use it just before you get one. 

Simply run the Glove under water to rinse it out and add it to your washing when needing a deeper clean.  

Feel Yourself Up ... Breast Massage

A daily breast massage strengthens feelings of self love, encourages confidence and personal power as it opens and connects you to your heart space. 

Please be mindful that massaging the breast area can stimulate the auxillary lymph nodes and may impact any current breast conditions.  Always listen to your body and only do what feels right for you. Consult a doctor if you have any concerns. 

Practising a breast massage energectically, without physically touching your breasts, will also have benefits of connecting you with your heart space. 

Self Ceremony Breast Massage

How to give yourself a Breast Massage :

1. Cup your breasts or breast area with both hands. Gently bounce or move the area.
2. Apply a skin friendly massage or coconut oil to your hands and warm it up.  (I like to do my breast massage in the shower and use body wash).  Apply the oil to your breasts by cupping them.  Take a moment to really connect and smile at your breasts.
3. Begin the massage by circling your breasts from the inside out.  Bring your hands up through the centre and down the outside.  Go with a speed and pressure that feels delicious to you.  It may change from day to day. 
This direction is one of releasing. 
4. Reverse the direction by now going down through the middle and up on the outside.  Again at a speed and pressure that feels delicious to you.
This direction in one of creation. 
5. Gently cup the breasts and take a moment to feel love for yourself. 

Bottoms Up ... Cacao and Tea Ceremonies

Warm beverages are another portal into connecting with yourself.  Beginning with the preparation through to consumption.  

Whatever you choose to brew ensure that you begin by holding an intention for the journey you would like to have.  Infuse the process with love and what you would to receive.  

When you are ready to drink, take a moment to connect with your beverage.  Feel the warmth of the cup in your hands.  Feel the warmth rise up as you bring the cup to your face.  Take in a deep breath and smell all of the aromas it has to offer you.  Look at the colour.  Appreciate the beauty in the cup.  And when you are ready take a sip and savour all the flavours.  As you sit in meditation with your beverage listen for what your heart has to tell you. 

Self Ceremony Cacao and Tea

Please use these helpful links to support your journey with Cacao :
Ceremonial Cacao Health Information
Cacao In Ceremony

Brewing your Ceremonial Cacao : 

Put 1 to 2 Cacao hearts in 3/4 cup of hot water to soften.
Add 1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 teaspoon of your preferred sweetner, Agave Syrup or Honey are good choices
1/4 cup of your preferred milk
Optional extras - vanilla paste, cinnamon, salt, nutmeg, tumeric etc

Blitz in a blender or whisk on the stove and serve when it is blended and creamy. 

For a creamier drink you can adjust the water to milk ratio to your liking. 

Self Ceremony

I hope you enjoy your journey and create your own ways to connect more deeply with yourself.